Five for Friday!

Friday 17 July 2015

Happy Friday! Today, I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first ever Five for Friday!

My dad's birthday was on Sunday. He lives on a nearby island for his work, so my family got together there this past weekend to spend some quality time together. While we were there, we took a walk on this beach. It's my favorite beach, so I always have to take a picture whenever I go there. And yes, the water is always that clear. :) We were short on time, so I didn't get to take a dip, but next time I will for sure!

One of my favorite things about growing up in the Caribbean is all of the island fruits. My grandparents live next door to me and have a bunch of fruit trees in their backyard. I spent many days there as a little girl picking and eating them straight from the trees. This week, I went over there and picked some guineps from one of their big guinep trees. Guineps are only ripe in the summer time, but they are worth the wait! They sort of look like limes, but once you crack the shell and open it, you can take out and eat the fruit inside. It has a large seed so you have to suck on it while biting the pulp from around the seed, but it's so good!

I created an Instagram for my blog a few days ago and am overwhelmed by the support it has gotten from people at home, college friends, and other teachers on Instagram. I only have 51 followers so far, but it's a start. If you are one of those people, thank you for following me! :) If you would like to become a follower, please click here!

This was the first picture I posted to my Instagram account this week. It's the view from my school! It's on a large bluff (like a cliff but flat on the top), so there's a great view of the Caribbean Sea from the windows in some of the rooms. I was in our office and staff room area when I took this picture, but I can see the water from the windows in my classroom as well.

This is another Instagram picture. Yesterday, I got my student work clothespins ready for the new school year. I made them last summer and my kiddos really loved them. They were so excited to put their work up on the wall with their own personalized clothespins! I was only able to reuse three from last year as the chalk marker was difficult to remove. Luckily, I had enough of the chalkboard circle tags left over and was able to replace the ones that couldn't be reused. I just removed the old tags, tied some ribbon on them and labeled them, then hot glued them to the clothespins. Such a simple but cute project and they look great with the scrapbook paper on the bulletin board!


  1. I am so jealous of your photos of where you live! It looks beautiful! I would love to be able to visit the Caribbean !

    Teaching Autism

    1. Thanks. :) It's a great place to live! I love it and wouldn't want to teach anywhere else!

  2. I love the clothespins. I use those for student work too, but I like how you put their names on it! Beautiful beach pictures - I'm jealous!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

    1. Thanks! I have super small classes, so it's not too time consuming to put their names on things. :)

  3. I bet you will love Instagram! You should post lots of beautiful pictures of your beautiful Caribbean surroundings!
    Applelight Moments By Stephanie

    1. Yes, I'm a huge fan of Instagram! I already had a personal account but decided that I wanted to keep my blogging/teaching stuff separate. I will definitely be posting more pictures! Can't wait to share my beautiful little island with everyone. :)


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